Classic New Years Resolution Ideas for 2017


The new year is quickly approaching and this is around about the time when we’ll all start thinking of our new years resolutions and how we can better ourselves in the new year.

This article is all about new years resolution ideas for 2017, but still keeping it related to the areas we write about on Wealthy Gorilla.

Writing a generic list for resolution ideas would be incredibly long, and would probably leave you with some odd looking ideas.


The Best New Years Resolutions for 2017

So instead, this list of 78 classic new years resolutions is split into 6 different categories: Career, Self Development, Business, Relationships, Health and Life.

Believe it or not, I managed to cross off at least 10 of these resolutions last year, so don’t just stick to one idea.


1New Years Resolutions: Your Career

Here’s a list of possible new years resolutions related to your career:


1. Give more effort at work

Can you honestly say you’re putting in 100% effort at work? Make an attempt to bring back that spark and give your all with every task you complete at the office. Do more than you get paid for and you’ll eventually get paid more than you do.


2. Earn more money

Earning more money is a goal most people have. Make 2017 your year to achieve it, by whatever means you can. Look for a higher paying job, start a business on the side and so on.


3. Change career paths

Currently in a career that you just don’t enjoy? Is there something that you’d just love to do for a living but haven’t quite been able to yet? Now’s the time to promise yourself you’ll do everything you can to change career paths.


4. Gain a qualification

Qualifications can help you advance in your career, or even get you a job in the first place. But they can also improve your knowledge in a specific area that you’re interested in learning about.


5. Find a job your passionate about

A job that your passionate about will majorly stem from the job role itself, but also factors in the company your working for, the environment you’re working in and the people you’re working with.


6. Achieve a promotion

How long’s it been since your last promotion? Are you going to do everything you can to get one this year?


7. Work less hours

Everybody wants to work less hours if they can get away with it, to be able to spend more time with their families, but it’s not exactly that easy. See if you can find a way to reduce your working hours and get out of the 9-5 grind.


8. Be able to retire

It’s the ambitious people that just don’t want to retire and want to keep on building. However, being able to retire earlier than expected is a dream for some. Is it yours?

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9. Achieve employee of the month

Employee of the month is a huge morale booster and could potentially open up more doors for you later down the line by improving the opinion that your employers have of you.


10. Be able to work from home

A lot of people would love to work from home and with a lot of hard work, you might be able to leave your office job and work your own hours from home.


11. Improve your productivity and efficiency

If you’re someone who often struggles to complete all your daily tasks and gets a backlog of emails on a regular basis, taking the necessary measures to improve your efficiency and productivity could be a great new years resolution.


12. Make friends within the workplace

Work is much more fun when you make friends within your company. You can enjoy things a little more than usual, and it boosts everyone’s morale.


13. Improve your work mentality

Having the right mentality whilst at work is crucial. Working well within a team and having the right attitude towards your work is definitely needed to succeed.


14. Be on time or early everyday

One thing you might want to stop doing is actually turning up for work late, and if you don’t start getting in on time shortly, then you might be in trouble with your employers.


15. Become a millionaire

Are you up to the challenge? 2017’s your year to finally become a millionaire like you’ve always dreamed.


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